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Atmospheric and Climate Science Master Information
The students are free to choose individually from the entire course offer of ETH Zürich and the universities of Zürich and Bern.
The definition of prerequisites is part of the admission procedure for the master studies. You are informed by the admission office as to what courses of the section «prerequisites» you have to catch up with. You are accredited for these courses in the electives block of the master studies.
701-0471-01LAtmospheric Chemistry Information W3 credits2GM. Ammann, T. Peter
701-0473-00LWeather Systems Information W3 credits2GM. A. Sprenger, I. Thurnherr
701-0475-00LAtmospheric Physics Information W3 credits2GU. Lohmann
701-0461-00LNumerical Methods in Environmental Physics Information W3 credits2GC. Schär, C. Zeman
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