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Agricultural Sciences Bachelor Information
The electives listed are recommended.
However, electives can be chosen from the complete course offer of the ETH Zurich and University of Zurich.
751-0903-00LMicroeconomics of the Agriculture and Food SectorW3 credits2VS. Wimmer
751-0401-00LOptimization of Agricultural Production SystemsW3 credits2GR. Huber
363-0537-00LResource and Environmental EconomicsW3 credits2GL. Bretschger, M. L. Newham
752-2120-00LConsumer Behaviour IW2 credits2VM. Siegrist, A. Bearth, A. Berthold
751-4108-00LStartup for Smart Sustainable Farming Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 16.

All students interested should come to the first lecture (25.9.). There, details of this year’s format will be explained. In case students are then still interested to visit the class, they have to write a motivational letter of max. 100 words and send it via email to Link until (27.9.). Participants will be selected according to the following criteria:
1.) Convincing motivational letter
2 a) Agricultural science students of the BSc program, 5. Semester
2 b) Students of other semesters or study programs, who will be selected with a view to forming four interdisciplinary and diverse teams. The definitive acceptance to the course will be communicated to students by (29.9.). The definitive inscription will subsequently been done by the study secretariate.
W3 credits2GA. Walter, M. Binggeli
751-4504-00LPlant Pathology IW2 credits2GB. McDonald
751-5003-00LSustainable Agroecosystems IIW2 credits2VK. Benabderrazik, J. Six
751-7101-00LApplied Animal NutritionW2 credits2GS. Müller, G. Bee, M. A. Boessinger, F. Leiber, M. Rombach, F. Sutter
751-7103-00LAnimal Feed and Feeding of RuminantsW2 credits2VM. A. Boessinger
751-6121-00LRegulatory Physiology Information W2 credits2VS. E. Ulbrich, A.‑K. Hankele, M. Saenz de Juano Ribes
751-5005-00LAgroecology Restricted registration - show details W+2 credits2GN. Buchmann, S. Keller, M. Sonnevelt
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