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Integrated Building Systems Master Information
Main Courses
Fundamental Courses
151-1633-00LEnergy Conversion
This course is intended for students outside of D-MAVT.
W4 credits3GG. Sansavini, P. Rehner
401-0203-00LMathematics Information W4 credits3V + 1UC. Busch
066-0427-00LDesign and Building Process MIBS Information W2 credits2VA. Paulus, S. Menz
103-0317-00LSpatial Planning and Development
Only for master students, otherwise a special permisson by the lecturer is required.
W3 credits2GD. Kaufmann, A. Kuitenbrouwer
Core Courses
101-0527-10LMaterials and ConstructionsO3 credits2GG. Habert, M. Posani
151-8011-00LBuilding Physics: Theory and Applications Information Restricted registration - show details
Enrolment after agreement with the lecturer only.
O4 credits3V + 1UA. Kubilay, X. Zhou, L. Fei, A. Rubin
363-0389-00LTechnology and Innovation ManagementO3 credits2GS. Brusoni, A. Zeijen
363-0503-00LPrinciples of Microeconomics
GESS (Science in Perspective): This lecture is for MSc students only. BSc students register for 351-1109-00L Einführung in die Mikroökonomie.
O3 credits2GM. Filippini
151-8007-00LUrban Physics Information Restricted registration - show details W3 credits3GY. Zhao, D. W. Brunner, A. Rubin, C. Steger, D. A. Strebel, H. Wernli, J. M. Wunderli
066-0421-00LBuilding Systems I Information O3 credits3GI. Hischier, L. Baldini, F. Khayatian, A. Schlüter, M. Sulzer
101-0608-00LDesign-Integrated Life Cycle AssessmentW3 credits2GG. Habert, A. Rodionova
151-0209-00LRenewable Energy Technologies Information W4 credits3GA. Bardow
101-0123-00LStructural Design Information W3 credits2GJ. Pauli, F. Bertagna, P. Block, D. Tanadini
151-0909-00LChemistryW4 credits2V + 2UD. J. Norris
151-0245-00LEnergy Systems Analysis: an Introduction and Overview with ApplicationsW4 credits2V + 2UR. McKenna
Specialised Courses
151-0103-00LFluid Dynamics IIW3 credits2V + 1UP. Jenny
401-0647-00LIntroduction to Mathematical OptimizationW5 credits2V + 1UD. Adjiashvili
227-0477-00LAcoustics IW3 credits2GR. Pieren, K. Heutschi
101-0577-00LAn Introduction to Sustainable Development in the Built EnvironmentW3 credits2GG. Habert, E. Zea Escamilla
101-0417-00LTransport Planning MethodsW6 credits4GK. W. Axhausen
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