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Doctorate Biosystems Science and Engineering Information
Subject Specialisation
636-0309-00LAdvances in Molecular BiotechnologyW2 credits2SM. Fussenegger
636-0009-00LEvolutionary DynamicsW6 credits2V + 1U + 2AN. Beerenwinkel
636-0104-00LBiophysical MethodsW4 credits3GD. J. Müller
636-0706-00LSpatio-Temporal Modelling in Biology Information W4 credits3GD. Iber
636-0117-00LMathematical Modelling for Bioengineering and Systems Biology Information W4 credits3GD. Iber
636-0103-00LMicrotechnologyW4 credits3GA. Hierlemann
636-0105-00LIntroduction to Biological ComputersW4 credits3GY. Benenson
636-0107-00LMicrobial BiotechnologyW4 credits3GS. Panke
636-0108-00LBiological Engineering and BiotechnologyW4 credits3VM. Fussenegger
636-0550-00LBiomolecular Nanotechnology
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits2V + 1UM. Nash
636-0109-00LStem Cells: Biology and Therapeutic ManipulationW4 credits3GT. Schroeder
636-0118-00LIntroduction to Dynamical Systems with Applications to Biology
Does not take place this semester.
W4 credits3GM. H. Khammash
636-0119-00LIntroduction to Statistics and RW6 credits3G + 2AJ. Kuipers
636-0017-00LComputational BiologyW6 credits3G + 2AT. Vaughan, C. Magnus, T. Stadler
636-0007-00LComputational Systems Biology Information W6 credits3V + 2UJ. Stelling
636-0101-00LSystems GenomicsW4 credits3GB. Treutlein, C. Beisel, Z. He
636-0554-00LModelling and Simulation in Drug Development Restricted registration - show details W2 credits3VH.‑M. Kaltenbach
252-0535-00LAdvanced Machine Learning Information W10 credits3V + 2U + 4AJ. M. Buhmann
263-3210-00LDeep Learning Information Restricted registration - show details W8 credits3V + 2U + 2AT. Hofmann, N. Perraudin
263-5053-00LTechnology Investing Information Restricted registration - show details W2 credits3SA. Ilic, C. Jurytko
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