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Atmospheric and Climate Science Master Information
Weather Systems and Atmospheric Dynamics
» See Module Weather Systems and Atmospheric Dynamics
Climate Processes and Feedbacks
» See Module Climate Processes and Feedbacks
Atmospheric Composition and Cycles
» See Module Atmospheric Composition and Cycles
Climate History and Paleoclimatology
» See Module Climate History and Paleoclimatology
Hydrology and Water Cycle
» See Module Hydrology and Water Cycle
The students are free to choose individually from the entire course offer of ETH Zürich and the universities of Zürich and Bern.
Weather Systems and Atmospheric Dynamics
Courses are only offered in Spring Semester.
Climate Processes and Feedbacks
Two additional courses are offered in Autumn Semester by University of Berne.
» See Elective courses Climate Processes and Feedbacks (without Self-Learning Courses)
Atmospheric Composition and Cycles
Courses are only offered in Spring Semester.
Climate History and Paleoclimatology
Two courses are offered in Autumn Semester at University of Berne.
» See Elective courses Climate History and Paleoclimatology (without Self-Learning Courses)
Hydrology and Water Cycle
» see Elective courses Hydrology and Water Cycle (without Self-Learning Courses)
The definition of prerequisites is part of the admission procedure for the master studies. You are informed by the admission office as to what courses of the section «prerequisites» you have to catch up with. You are accredited for these courses in the electives block of the master studies.
701-0471-01LAtmospheric Chemistry Information W3 credits2GM. Ammann, T. Peter
701-0473-00LWeather Systems Information W3 credits2GM. A. Sprenger, I. Thurnherr
701-0475-00LAtmospheric Physics Information W3 credits2GU. Lohmann
701-0461-00LNumerical Methods in Environmental Physics Information W3 credits2GC. Schär, C. Zeman
Additional Electives ETH
» See recommended additional elective courses
Minor in Physical Glaciology
101-0289-00LApplied GlaciologyW4 credits2GD. Farinotti, A. Bauder, M. Werder
651-4101-00LPhysics of GlaciersW3 credits3GM. Lüthi, F. T. Walter, M. Werder
651-4077-00LQuantification and Modeling of the Cryosphere: Dynamic Processes (University of Zurich)
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH as an incoming student.
UZH Module Code: GEO815

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W3 credits1VUniversity lecturers
651-1581-00LSeminar in GlaciologyW3 credits2SA. Bauder, M. Jacquemart
Minor in Biogeochemistry
701-1313-00LIsotopes and Biomarkers in BiogeochemistryW3 credits2GC. Schubert, N. Casacuberta Arola, R. Kipfer
701-1315-00LBiogeochemistry of Trace ElementsW3 credits2GA. Voegelin, D. Janssen, L. Winkel
701-1346-00LClimate Change Mitigation: Carbon Dioxide Removal Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GN. Gruber, C. Brunner
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