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Chemical and Bioengineering Master Information
Core Subjects
Biochemical Engineering
529-0837-01LBiomicrofluidic Engineering Restricted registration - show details W+6 credits3GA. de Mello
529-0615-01LBiochemical and Polymer Reaction EngineeringW+6 credits3GP. Arosio
Products and Materials
529-0619-01LChemical Product Design
Prerequisites: Basic chemistry and chemical engineering knowledge (Diffusion, Thermodynamics, Kinetics,...).
W+6 credits3GW. J. Stark
Process Design
529-0643-01LProcess Design and Development Information W+6 credits3GG. Guillén Gosálbez
529-0613-01LProcess Simulation and FlowsheetingW+6 credits3GG. Guillén Gosálbez
Catalysis and Separation
151-0927-00LRate-Controlled Separations in Fine ChemistryW+6 credits3V + 1UM. Mazzotti, V. Becattini
529-0617-01LCatalysis EngineeringW+6 credits3GJ. Pérez-Ramírez, S. J. Mitchell
Case Study
529-0459-01LCase Studies in Process DesignO3 credits3AG. Guillén Gosálbez
Research Project or Industry Internship
529-0300-10LResearch ProjectW13 credits16ASupervisors
529-0301-00LIndustry InternshipW13 creditsSupervisors
Master's Thesis
529-0600-10LMaster's Thesis Restricted registration - show details
Only students who fulfill the following criteria are allowed to begin with their Master's thesis:
a. successful completion of the Bachelor's programme;
b. fulfilling of any additional requirements necessary to gain admission to the Master's programme.

Duration of the Master's Thesis 20 weeks.
O25 credits54DSupervisors
Biochemical Engineering
636-0108-00LBiological Engineering and BiotechnologyW4 credits3VM. Fussenegger
636-0007-00LComputational Systems Biology Information W6 credits3V + 2UJ. Stelling
376-1714-00LBiocompatible MaterialsW4 credits3VK. Maniura, M. Rottmar, M. Zenobi-Wong
529-0615-01LBiochemical and Polymer Reaction EngineeringW6 credits3GP. Arosio
529-0837-01LBiomicrofluidic Engineering Restricted registration - show details W6 credits3GA. de Mello
551-0357-00LCellular Matters: Properties, Functions and Applications of Biomolecular Condensates
The number of participants is limited to 30 and will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.

The first lecture will serve to form groups of students and assign papers.
W4 credits2ST. Michaels, F. Allain, P. Arosio, Y. Barral, D. Hilvert, M. Jagannathan, R. Mezzenga, G. Neurohr, R. Riek, A. E. Smith, K. Weis, H. Wennemers, further lecturers
Environment and Energy
151-0209-00LRenewable Energy Technologies Information W4 credits3GA. Bardow
529-0659-00LElectrochemistry: Fundamentals, Cells & Applications Information W6 credits3GL. Gubler
529-0745-01LGeneral and Environmental ToxicologyW6 credits3VM. Arand, H. Nägeli
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