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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Basic Courses I
First Year Examinations
701-0007-00LTackling Environmental Problems I Restricted registration - show details O5 credits4GM. Mader, C. E. Pohl, C. Rapo
701-0027-00LEnvironmental Systems IO2 credits2VN. Dubois, A. Hall, R. Knutti
701-0029-00LEnvironmental Systems IIO3 credits2VA. Patt, H. Bugmann, N. Gruber
701-0243-01LBiology III: Essentials of EcologyO3 credits2VJ. Alexander, J. Hille Ris Lambers
401-0251-00LMathematics I Restricted registration - show details O6 credits4V + 2UA. Cannas da Silva, L. Lewark
529-2001-02LChemistry IO4 credits2V + 2UJ. Cvengros, J. E. E. Buschmann, P. Funck, E. C. Meister, R. Verel
551-0001-00LGeneral Biology I Restricted registration - show details O3 credits3VU. Sauer, O. Y. Martin, A. Widmer
Additional First Year Compulsory Courses
252-0839-00LInformatics Information O2 credits2GL. E. Fässler, M. Dahinden
529-0030-00LLaboratory Course: Elementary Chemical TechniquesO3 credits6PA. de Mello, F. Jenny, N. Kobert, M. H. Schroth
751-0801-00LFundamentals of Microscopy and Plant Biology Restricted registration - show details O1 credit1V + 2GE. B. Truernit
Basic Courses II
Examination Blocks
Examination Block 1
402-0063-00LPhysics IIO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus
Some parts of the lecture will be taught in English.
O2 credits2VM. Schuppler, M. La Fortezza, M. Pilhofer, S. Robinson
401-0624-00LMathematics IV: StatisticsO4 credits2V + 1UN. Meinshausen
Examination Block 2
701-0071-00LMathematics III: Systems AnalysisO4 credits2V + 1UC. Brunner, R. Knutti, S. Schemm, H. Wernli
701-0023-00LAtmosphere Information O3 credits2VE. Fischer, T. Peter
701-0501-00LPedosphereO3 credits2VR. Kretzschmar
Additional Compulsory Courses
701-0033-00LLaboratory Course in Physics for Students of Environmental Sciences Information Restricted registration - show details
Only students from 3th Semester BSc Environmental Sciences on are admitted to this lecture.
O2 credits4PM. Münnich, A. Biland, A. Eggenberger, N. Gruber
Social Sciences and Humanities
701-0707-00LAnalysing Arguments in Science and Ethics Information Restricted registration - show details O2 credits2GC. J. Baumberger
701-0747-00LEnvironmental Policy of SwitzerlandO3 credits2GE. Lieberherr
Not for students belonging to D-MTEC!
O3 credits2GU. Renold, T. Bolli, P. McDonald, F. Pusterla, A. Zubovic
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