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Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnologie Master Information
Master-Studium (Studienreglement 2018)
The core courses and specialization courses below are a selection for students who wish to specialize in the area of "Communication", see Link.

The individual study plan is subject to the tutor's approval.
These specialization courses are particularly recommended for the area of "Communication", but you are free to choose courses from any other field in agreement with your tutor.

A minimum of 40 credits must be obtained from specialization courses during the Master's Programme.
227-0111-00LCommunication ElectronicsW6 KP2V + 2UH. Wang, T. Burger
227-0112-00LHigh-Speed Signal Propagation Information W6 KP2V + 2UC. Bolognesi, T. Popovic
227-0128-00LSynthesis of Digital CircuitsW4 KP2V + 1UL. Josipovic
227-0148-00LVLSI 4: Practical VLSI: Measurement and Testing Information W6 KP4GF. K. Gürkaynak, L. Benini
227-0216-00LComputational Control
Previously (up until FS22) named "Control Systems II"
W6 KP2V + 2US. Bolognani
227-0427-10LModel-Based Estimation and Signal Analysis Information W6 KP4GH.‑A. Loeliger
227-0434-10LMathematics of Information Information W8 KP3V + 2U + 2AH. Bölcskei
227-0438-00LWireless CommunicationsW6 KP2V + 2UC. Studer
227-0455-00LTerahertz: Technology and Applications
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
W5 KP3G + 3A
227-0478-00LAcoustics II Information W3 KP2GK. Heutschi, R. Pieren
252-0526-00LStatistical Learning Theory Information W8 KP3V + 2U + 2AJ. M. Buhmann
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