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Management, Technology and Economics Master Information
Elective Courses
Economic Dynamics
363-0586-00LInternational Economics: Theory of New Trade and Multinational FirmsW3 credits2V
363-0586-00 VInternational Economics: Theory of New Trade and Multinational Firms2 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00HG G 26.5 »
D. Suverato
363-0584-00LInternational Monetary EconomicsW3 credits2V
363-0584-00 VInternational Monetary Economics2 hrs
Mon14:15-16:00LEE E 101 »
J.‑E. Sturm, A. Rathke
363-0558-00LIntroduction to Game Theory: Strategic and Cooperative Thinking
It is recommended to take 363-0503-00L Principles of Microeconomics first.
W3 credits2G
363-0558-00 GIntroduction to Game Theory: Strategic and Cooperative Thinking2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00ML F 39 »
F. Pitsuwan
363-1008-00LPublic EconomicsW3 credits2V
363-1008-00 VPublic Economics2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00LFW C 5 »
M. Köthenbürger, T. Giommoni
Finance and Investment
363-1153-00LDecentralized Finance and the Future of MoneyW3 credits2V
363-1153-00 VDecentralized Finance and the Future of Money
The lecture of 23.02.2023 takes place online.
The lecture will take place on the following dates: 2.3, 16.3, 30.3, 20.4, 4.5, 25.5.
2 hrs
Thu/2w16:15-20:00HG F 7 »
23.02.16:00-20:00ON LI NE »
01.06.16:15-20:00HG F 7 »
B. J. Bergmann, H. Gersbach, R. Wattenhofer
363-1000-00LFinancial EconomicsW3 credits2V
363-1000-00 VFinancial Economics2 hrs
Tue16:15-18:00NO C 44 »
30.05.16:15-18:00NO C 60 »
A. Bommier, P. Colo
Human and Entrepreneurial Behaviour
363-1066-00LDesigning Effective Projects for Promoting Health@Work Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2G
363-1066-00 GDesigning Effective Projects for Promoting Health@Work2 hrs
Tue16:15-18:00ETZ H 91 »
16:15-18:00ETZ J 91 »
G. Bauer, G. J. Jenny, P. Kerksieck
363-1095-00LEntrepreneurial Competencies
This course is open to students from all ETH departments. No prerequisites.
W3 credits2G
363-1095-00 GEntrepreneurial Competencies
Prior to the first session (28.02.2023), please familiarize yourself with this class by watching the introduction video on Moodle and work through the class preparation materials.

Irregular lecture.
2 hrs
Tue16:15-20:00WEV H 326 »
16.05.16:15-20:00LFW E 13 »
30.05.16:15-20:00WEV H 326 »
J. Thiel
363-1103-00LLean Startup Academy – From Idea to StartupW3 credits2G
363-1103-00 GLean Startup Academy – From Idea to Startup
Irregular lecture
2 hrs
Tue16:15-20:00LFW E 13 »
D. Hengartner
Natural Resources
363-1116-00LClimate FinanceW3 credits2G
363-1116-00 GClimate Finance
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrs
363-0552-00LEconomic Growth and Resource UseW3 credits2G
363-0552-00 GEconomic Growth and Resource Use2 hrs
Tue14:15-16:00LEE E 101 »
30.05.14:15-16:00IFW A 32.1 »
E. Komarov
363-0514-00LEnergy Economics and Policy
It is recommended for students to have taken a course in introductory microeconomics. If not, they should be familiar with microeconomics as in, for example,"Microeconomics" by Mankiw & Taylor and the appendices 4 and 7 of the book "Microeconomics" by Pindyck & Rubinfeld.
W3 credits2G
363-0514-00 GEnergy Economics and Policy2 hrs
Thu16:15-18:00CHN C 14 »
M. Filippini, S. Srinivasan
363-0532-00LEconomics of Sustainable DevelopmentW3 credits2V
363-0532-00 VÖkonomische Theorie der Nachhaltigkeit
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrsL. Bretschger
363-1164-00LTopics in Energy and Climate Policy Restricted registration - show details
Participation is limited to 20 students.
A mandatory prerequisite is to attend the 363-0514-00L Energy Economics and Policy
W1.5 credits1V
363-1164-00 VTopics in Energy and Climate Policy
Block course
13s hrs
02.06.14:15-19:00WEV F 109 »
03.06.08:15-17:00WEV F 109 »
M. Filippini, S. Srinivasan
Supply Chain and Information Systems
363-1130-00LDigital Health in Practice (University of Zurich)
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH.
UZH Module Code: 04SM22MAS100

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W4 credits2V
363-1130-00 VDigital Health in Practice (University of Zurich)
Does not take place this semester.
**Course at University of Zurich**
28s hrsUniversity lecturers
363-1117-00LFactory Planning and DesignW3 credits3G
363-1117-00 GFactory Planning and Design3 hrs
Mon09:15-12:00NO D 11 »
R. Binkert, T. Netland
363-0448-00LGlobal Operations StrategyW3 credits2G
363-0448-00 GGlobal Operations Strategy2 hrs
Wed16:15-18:00CAB G 51 »
T. Netland, O. von Dzengelevski
363-1129-00LHumanitarian Operations and Supply Chain Management Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2V
363-1129-00 VHumanitarian Operations and Supply Chain Management
Block course
30s hrs
15.03.09:15-16:00WEV F 109 »
16.03.09:15-16:00WEV F 109 »
17.03.09:15-16:00WEV F 109 »
10.05.09:15-16:00WEV F 109 »
11.05.09:15-16:00WEV F 109 »
S. Wagner, S. B. Thakur-Weigold
363-0768-00LIndustrial Perspectives on Operations ManagementW3 credits2V
363-0768-00 VIndustrial Perspectives on Operations Management
**gemeinsam mit der Universität Zürich**
2 hrs
Tue16:15-18:00HG F 5 »
T. Netland, H. Dietl
363-0452-00LPurchasing and Supply ManagementW3 credits2G
363-0452-00 GPurchasing and Supply Management2 hrs
Thu08:15-10:00ML H 41.1 »
S. Wagner
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