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Chemistry Master Information
Core Subjects
Inorganic Chemistry
529-0134-01LFunctional InorganicsW6 credits3GM. Kovalenko, K. Kravchyk, T. Lippert, G. Raino
Research Projects
529-0200-10LResearch Project I Information W13 credits16ASupervisors
529-0201-10LResearch Project II Information W13 credits16ASupervisors
Industry Internship or Laboratory Course
529-0202-00LIndustry Internship Information W13 creditsSupervisors
Students are free to choose from a range of D-CHAB chemistry courses appropriate to their level of study (please note admission requirements). In case of doubt, contact the student administration.
Inorganic Chemistry
529-0134-01LFunctional InorganicsW6 credits3GM. Kovalenko, K. Kravchyk, T. Lippert, G. Raino
529-0144-01LNMR Spectroscopy in Inorganic ChemistryW6 credits3GR. Verel
529-0948-00LSolid State Chemistry Restricted registration - show details
Enrollment only possible until 07.02.2023
Participants who have passed the course "Inorganic Chemistry II" will be favoured.
W6 credits10PM. Kovalenko, M. Kotyrba, S. Yakunin
Material Science
529-0941-00LIntroduction to Macromolecular ChemistryW4 credits3GD. Opris, T. L. Choi
227-0390-00LElements of MicroscopyW4 credits3GM. Stampanoni, G. Csúcs, A. Sologubenko
402-0468-15LNanomaterials for PhotonicsW6 credits2V + 1UR. Grange
Economics and Technology Management
363-1008-00LPublic EconomicsW3 credits2VM. Köthenbürger, T. Giommoni
Chemical Aspects of Energy
529-0507-00LHands-on Electrochemistry for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisites: previous attendance of at least one of the following courses is mandatory:
- 529-0659-00L Electrochemistry: Fundamentals, Cells & Applications
- 529-0440-00L Physical Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis
- 529-0191-01L Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
- 151-0234-00L Electrochemical Energy Systems
W6 credits6PL. Gubler, E. Fabbri, J. Herranz Salañer, S. Trabesinger
Physical Chemistry
529-0014-00LAdvanced Magnetic Resonance - Relaxation Information W6 credits3GM. Ernst
529-0445-01LAdvanced Optics and SpectroscopyW6 credits3GR. Signorell, G. David
Analytical Chemistry
529-0059-00LNanoscale Molecular ImagingW3 credits2GN. Kumar, R. Zenobi
529-0042-00LStructure Elucidation by NMRW4 credits2GM.‑O. Ebert
Organic Chemistry
529-0242-00LSupramolecular ChemistryW6 credits3GY. Yamakoshi, B. M. Lewandowski
529-0077-00LBiosynthesis of Fragrant and Medicinal Natural ProductsW3 credits2GF. Flachsmann
Environmental Chemistry
529-0052-00LConcepts and Tools for Sustainable Chemicals ManufactureW4 credits2GS. J. Mitchell, G. Guillén Gosálbez, J. Pérez-Ramírez
Master's Thesis
529-0500-10LMaster's Thesis Restricted registration - show details
Only students who fulfill the following criteria are allowed to begin with their Master's thesis:
a. successful completion of the Bachelor's programme;
b. fulfilling of any additional requirements necessary to gain admission to the Master's programme.

Duration of the Master's Thesis 20 weeks.
O25 credits54DSupervisors
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