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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2022)
First Year Compulsory Courses
First Year Examinations
First Year Examination Block A
Wird nur im HS angeboten
First Year Examination Block B
401-0172-00LLinear Algebra II Information Restricted registration - show details O3 credits2V + 1UN. Hungerbühler
252-0833-00LComputer Science II Information
Only for Mechanical Engineering BSc (Programme Regulations 2022).
O4 credits2V + 2UC. Cotrini Jimenez, R. Sasse
401-0262-00LAnalysis II Information Restricted registration - show details O7 credits5V + 2UA. Steiger
402-0035-00LPhysicsO5 credits3V + 2UL. Degiorgi
151-3222-00LMachine DesignO5 credits2V + 3UM. Meboldt, Q. Lohmeyer
151-0502-00LMechanics IIO6 credits4V + 2UD. Mohr
Additional First Year Courses
402-0000-11LLaboratory Course in Physics for Students in Mechanical Engineering
Enrollment is only possible under Link.
No registration required via myStudies.

Only students from 2nd Semester BSc Mechanical Engineering in Study Regulation 2022 are admitted to this Physics Laboratory Course.
O1 credit3PA. Biland, A. Eggenberger, A. Müller
151-1111-01LAdditional Project Restricted registration - show details
ONLY for Mechanical Engineering BSc, Programme Regulations 2022.

Enrollment only in consultation with the D-MAVT student administration.
W1 credit2Aexternal organisers
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
4. Semester Compulsory Courses
Examination Block 2
402-0034-10LPhysics II
Der Kurs wird zum letzten Mal im FS23 angeboten.
O4 credits2V + 2UL. P. Gallmann
227-0075-00LElectrical Engineering IO3 credits2V + 2UJ. Leuthold
151-0102-00LFluid Dynamics I Restricted registration - show details O6 credits4V + 2UF. Coletti
151-0052-00LThermodynamics IIO4 credits2V + 2UA. Bardow, N. Noiray
4. Semester Engineering Tools
The Engineering Tools courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.
252-0862-00LEngineering Tool: Modelling Information Restricted registration - show details W+0.4 credits1KM. Schwerhoff
151-0042-01LEngineering Tool: FEM-Programs Restricted registration - show details
The Engineering Tools courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.
W+0.4 credits1KB. Berisha
151-0304-00LEngineering Design IIW4 credits4GK. Wegener
151-0590-00LControl Systems II Information
Note: The previous course title in German until FS22 "Regelungstechnik II".
W4 credits2V + 2UJ. Tani
151-0700-00LManufacturingW4 credits2V + 2UK. Wegener
151-0966-00LIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics for EngineersW4 credits2V + 2UD. J. Norris
327-3002-00LMaterials for Mechanical EngineersW4 credits2V + 1UR. Spolenak, A. R. Studart, R. Style
For the Focus Biomedical Engineering this course is strongly recommended to be chosen among the Electives.
W4 credits2V + 1UM. Tibbitt, C. Labouesse
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