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Doctorate Materials Science Information
Subject Specialisation
Advanced Manufacturing (MaP Doctoral School)
064-0025-22LIntroduction to Computational Research in Architecture, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction Information
Does not take place this semester.
W2 credits3KP. Block
101-0139-00LScientific Machine and Deep Learning for Design and Construction in Civil Engineering Restricted registration - show details W3 credits4GM. A. Kraus, D. Griego, R. Rust
101-0167-01LFibre Composite Materials in Structural EngineeringW3 credits2GM. Motavalli
102-0357-00LWaste Recycling TechnologiesW3 credits2GR. Bunge
151-0293-00LCombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials TechnologyW4 credits2V + 1U + 2AN. Noiray, F.  Ernst, C. E. Frouzakis
151-0317-00LVisualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality IIW4 credits3GA. Kunz
151-0353-00LMechanics of Composite MaterialsW4 credits2V + 1UG. Pappas
151-0524-00LContinuum Mechanics IW4 credits2V + 1UA. E. Ehret
151-0544-00LMetal Additive Manufacturing - Mechanical Integrity and Numerical AnalysisW4 credits3GE. Hosseini
151-0623-00LETH Zurich Distinguished Seminar in Robotics, Systems and Controls Information W1 credit1SB. Nelson, M. Hutter, R. Katzschmann, R. Riener, R. Siegwart
151-0703-00LOperational Simulation of Production LinesW4 credits2V + 1UP. Acél
151-0717-00LMechanical Production: Assembly, Joining and Coating TechnologyW4 credits2V + 1UK. Wegener, V. H. Derflinger, P. Jousset
151-0719-00LQuality of Machine Tools - Dynamics and Metrology at Micro and Submicro LevelW4 credits2V + 1UA. Günther, D. Spescha
151-0727-00LColloquium on Manufacturing TechnologyW4 credits2.5KK. Wegener, A. Kunz
151-0729-00LWelding TechnologyW4 credits3GK. Wegener
151-0733-00LBasics and Processes of Metal Forming
Note: The previous course title until HS21 "Forming Technology III - Forming Processes".
W4 credits2V + 2UM. Bambach
151-0833-00LApplied Finite Element AnalysisW4 credits2V + 2UB. Berisha, D. Mohr
151-3209-00LEngineering Design Optimization Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 60.
W4 credits4GK. Shea, T. Stankovic
151-3215-00LDesign for Additive Manufacturing Restricted registration - show details
Please write a short motivation letter to apply for the course. The motivation letter should include why you intend to visit the course. Additionally, please mention what experience you have with relevant topics, such as CAD, project work, additive manufacturing (AM), simulation or design of experiments. Please also mention in the letter, if you already have a proposal for an AM component to be designed as part of the project or if you have a real-world challenge you could address by AM. Please send the letter to Julian Ferchow (email:
W4 credits2GM. Meboldt, J. Ferchow
363-0445-00LProduction and Operations ManagementW3 credits2GT. Netland, H. Franke
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