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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Social Sciences and Humanities
This structure can be chossen during the study year 2022/23 for the last time.
Module Individual Sciences
701-0721-00LPsychologyW3 credits2VR. Hansmann, A. Bearth, M. Siegrist
752-2120-00LConsumer Behaviour IW2 credits2VM. Siegrist, A. Bearth, A. Berthold
701-0785-00LIntroduction to Science Communication (Universitiy of Zurich)
Does not take place this semester.
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH as an incoming student.
UZH Module Code: 251403

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W4 credits2VM. Schäfer
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