052-1137-23L  Unveiling Water

SemesterAutumn Semester 2023
LecturersM. Conen
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
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052-1137-23 UArchitectural Design V-IX: Unveiling Water (M.Conen) Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
No course on 24/25.10 (seminar week).
16 hrs
Tue09:45-17:30HIL D 15 »
Wed08:00-17:30HIL D 15 »
M. Conen

Catalogue data

AbstractWater, being the basis of all life on Earth, plays a pivotal role in shaping cities, fostering healthy ecosystems, enabling production, and promoting coexistence.
This semester, we aim to create cycles within the studio.
Objective- Critical thinking, personal attitude;
•demonstrate, through design work, a critical understanding of climate change and the ethical responsibilities of the architect
•demonstrate, through design work, a growing knowledge of contemporary and historical architectural dis- course
- Construction of a narrative, working methodology;
•conduct qualitative site analysis through photography and observational drawing
•assimilate small, fragmentary observations into broad understanding of the place

- Conversion of concept into an architectural project
•formulate a spatial concept for a project whilst understanding the conceptual, spatial and programmatic conditions
•design with reference to historical, political, cultural and other creative and technical fields

- Representation
•develop an understanding of different media of representation and know when to use them
LiteratureTexts will be given to students during the semester. These will serve as working tools, relating to the project process, but also as inspiration through approaches related to the studio theme.
Prerequisites / NoticeGroup work only.

Introduction: 19.09.2023
Intermediate crits:
Final crits: 18-22.12.2023
Subject-specific CompetenciesConcepts and Theoriesfostered
Techniques and Technologiesfostered
Method-specific CompetenciesAnalytical Competenciesfostered
Media and Digital Technologiesfostered
Project Managementfostered
Social CompetenciesCommunicationfostered
Cooperation and Teamworkfostered
Customer Orientationfostered
Leadership and Responsibilityfostered
Self-presentation and Social Influence fostered
Sensitivity to Diversityfostered
Personal CompetenciesAdaptability and Flexibilityfostered
Creative Thinkingfostered
Critical Thinkingfostered
Integrity and Work Ethicsfostered
Self-awareness and Self-reflection fostered
Self-direction and Self-management fostered

Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a semester course
ECTS credits14 credits
ExaminersM. Conen
Typegraded semester performance
Language of examinationEnglish
RepetitionRepetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Additional information on mode of examinationUltimate deadline for changing enrolments for this course is 1.11.2023, 24:00 h.
After this date it is strictly forbidden to enrol for the course or to delete the enrolment!

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General : Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers
Permission from lecturers required for all students

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