173-0007-00L  Dynamics

SemesterHerbstsemester 2023
DozierendeE. Chatzi, V. Ntertimanis, P. Tiso
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173-0007-00 GDynamics180s Std.E. Chatzi, V. Ntertimanis, P. Tiso


KurzbeschreibungThe course offers an introduction to dynamics of engineering systems. The first part focuses on Newtonian dynamics and energy principle to systems of particles and rigid bodies. The second part focuses on the free and forced response of single- and multi-degrees-of-freedom linear systems. Hands-on exercises, computer-based labs and experimental demos will support the theoretical lectures.
LernzielAfter successful completion of this course the students will be able to:
1. Set up the kinematic description of a system of particles and rigid bodies subject to constraints.
2. Formulate the governing equations of motion of a system particles or of rigid bodies using balance law.
3. Alternative from the above, the student will be able to derive the equations of motion using
Lagrange’s equations, d’Alembert’s principle, and Hamilton’s principle.
4. Find the equilibrium configurations of a given system, and perform linearization.
5. Compute the dynamic response of discrete systems to harmonic, periodic, pulse, and impulse excitation using time-history and response-spectrum methods.
InhaltDay-by-day course content:
Week 1
Day 1 – Recap on Newtonian Dynamics for single particle
Day 2 – Kinetics of systems of particles
Day 3 – Kinetics of Rigid bodies
Day 4 – Analytical mechanics

Week 2
Day 6 – Mechanical Vibrations
Day 7 – Elements of Structural Vibration - SDOF
Day 8 – Elements of Vibration Theory - MDOF
Day 9 – State Space Representations
Day 10 – Transformations
SkriptThe material will be organized in lecture slides.
LiteraturA specific list of books will be offered as useful/supplemental reading.


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PrüfendeE. Chatzi, V. Ntertimanis, P. Tiso
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