078-0201-00L  Building Design in the Circular Economy (EPFL)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2023
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078-0201-00 GBuilding Design in the Circular Economy (EPFL)
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AbstractLecturer: C. Fivet. The circular economy consists in maintaining the value of products as long as possible by extending or renewing their service life while minimizing resource depletion, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The integration of these principles in the construction industry has many facets that often contradict each other.
ObjectiveWhile introducing students to the concept of the circular economy and its applications to building design, the class provides ready-to-use techniques and aims at developing a critical mindset towards their use. Following a 'flipped classroom' methodology, the class devles into recent literature and practice by means of adversarial open debates. Examination consists in the writing of a short personal essay on a chosen topic and its oral defence.
ContentEnvironmental Footprint of Buildings: Situation & Assessment Methods - Circular Economy (& Industrial Ecology): History, Principles, and Expectations - Building Use: Intensity & Versatility - Low-Impact Materials & Material-Efficient Systems - Recycling & In-Situ Improvement - Material Sourcing & Stewardship - Design for Upstream Reuse - Design for Downstream Reuse (incl. Design-dor-Disassembly) - Restorative and Regenerative Design.

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