151-2011-00L  Physics of Nuclear Reactors (EPFL)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2023
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151-2011-00 GPhysics of Nuclear Reactors (EPFL)
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AbstractIn this course, one acquires an understanding of the basic neutronics interactions occurring in a nuclear fission reactor and, as such, the conditions for establishing and controlling a nuclear chain reaction.
ObjectiveBy the end of the course, the student must be able to:
- Elaborate on neutron diffusion equation
- Systematize nuclear reaction cross sections
- Formulate approximations to solving the diffusion equation for simple systems
- Brief review of nuclear physics
- Historical: Constitution of the nucleus and discovery of the neutron -
Nuclear reactions and radioactivity - Cross sections - Differences between
fusion and fission.
- Nuclear fission
- Characteristics - Nuclear fuel - Introductory elements of neutronics.
- Fissile and fertile materials - Breeding.
- Neutron diffusion and slowing down
- Monoenergetic neutrons - Angular and scalar flux
- Diffusion theory as simplified case of transport theory - Neutron slowing
down through elastic scattering.
- Multiplying media (reactors)
- Multiplication factors - Criticality condition in simple cases.
- Thermal reactors - Neutron spectra - Multizone reactors - Multigroup
theory and general criticality condition - Heterogeneous reactors.
- Reactor kinetics
- Point reactor model: prompt and delayed transients - Practical
- Reactivity variations and control
- Short, medium and long term reactivity changes ? Different means of
LiteratureDistributed documents, recommended book chapters
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisite for: Reactor Experiments

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