701-1437-00L  Aquatic Ecology I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2023
LecturersP. Spaak, F. Altermatt, A. Narwani, C. T. Robinson
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


701-1437-00 VAquatic Ecology I
Unregelmässige Lehrveranstaltung
40s hrs
Wed/108:00-12:00EAW A G »
Thu/108:00-12:00EAW A G »
P. Spaak, F. Altermatt, A. Narwani, C. T. Robinson

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AbstractThis course combines Limnology (the study of inland waters in its broad sense) with ecological and evolutionary concepts. It deals with rivers, groundwater and lakes.
ObjectiveDuring this course you will get an overview of the world's typical freshwater ecosystems. After this course you will be able to understand how aquatic organisms have adapted to their habitat and how the interactions (e.g. food web) between organisms work.
In short: apply the theoretical / lecture knowledge to field situations in a lake and river.
ContentThe lectures cover ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms in lentic and lotic waters. Topics include: Adaptations, distribution patterns, biotic interactions, and conceptual paradigms in freshwater ecosystems. Important aspects regarding ecosystem metabolism and habitat properties of freshwaters. Applied case studies and experiments testing ecological and evolutionary processes in freshwaters.
The lectures are given by Piet Spaak (Eawag), Florian Altermatt (UNI, Eawag), Chris Robinson (Eawag), Francesco Pomati (Eawag), Anita Narwani (Eawag) and specialists from the Aquatic Ecology department of Eawag and University of Zurich.
Lecture notesCourse notes and power point presentations provided during the course.
Subject-specific CompetenciesConcepts and Theoriesassessed
Techniques and Technologiesassessed
Method-specific CompetenciesAnalytical Competenciesassessed
Media and Digital Technologiesfostered
Social CompetenciesCommunicationfostered
Cooperation and Teamworkfostered
Self-presentation and Social Influence fostered
Sensitivity to Diversityfostered
Personal CompetenciesAdaptability and Flexibilityassessed
Creative Thinkingassessed
Critical Thinkingassessed
Integrity and Work Ethicsfostered
Self-awareness and Self-reflection fostered
Self-direction and Self-management assessed

Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a semester course
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersP. Spaak, F. Altermatt, A. Narwani, C. T. Robinson
Typegraded semester performance
Language of examinationEnglish
RepetitionRepetition only possible after re-enrolling for the course unit.
Additional information on mode of examinationschriftliche Prüfung
written exam

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