551-1171-00L  Immunology: From Milestones to Current Topics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2022
LecturersB. Ludewig, N. Pikor, L. Tortola, J. Kisielow, A. Oxenius, University lecturers
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractMilestones in Immunology: on old concepts and modern experiments
ObjectiveThe course will cover the current grand topics in immunology: B cells, innate immunity, antigen presentation, tumor immunity, T cells, myeloid cells and stromal cells. For each topic two or four hours will be allocated. Historical milestone papers will be presented by the tutor/lecturer providing an overview on the development of the theoretical framework and critical technological advances. The students will read the historical milestone papers and contribute to the discussion. In the second part of the lecture, students will present recent high impact research papers that have emerged from the landmark achievements of the previously discussed milestone concepts.
ContentMilestones and current topics of innate immunity, antigen presentatino, B cells, thymus and T cells, cytotoxic T cells, NK cells, stromal cells, CNS immunity and tumor immunology.
Lecture notesOriginal and review articles will be distributed by the respective lecturer.
LiteratureLiteraturunterlagen werden vor Beginn des Kurses auf folgender website zugänglich sein: Link
Subject-specific CompetenciesConcepts and Theoriesassessed
Techniques and Technologiesassessed
Method-specific CompetenciesAnalytical Competenciesfostered
Social CompetenciesCommunicationassessed
Self-presentation and Social Influence fostered
Personal CompetenciesCritical Thinkingassessed
Self-awareness and Self-reflection fostered
Self-direction and Self-management fostered