227-1047-00L  Consciousness: From Philosophy to Neuroscience (University of Zurich)

SemesterHerbstsemester 2022
DozierendeD. Kiper
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarNo enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH as an incoming student.
UZH Module Code: INI410

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KurzbeschreibungThis seminar reviews the philosophical and phenomenological as well as the neurobiological aspects of consciousness. The subjective features of consciousness are explored, and modern research into its neural substrate, particularly in the visual domain, is explained. Emphasis is placed on students developing their own thinking through a discussion-centered course structure.
LernzielThe course's goal is to give an overview of the contemporary state of consciousness research, with emphasis on the contributions brought by modern cognitive neuroscience. We aim to clarify concepts, explain their philosophical and scientific backgrounds, and to present experimental protocols that shed light on on a variety of consciousness related issues.
InhaltThe course includes discussions of scientific as well as philosophical articles. We review current schools of thought, models of consciousness, and proposals for the neural correlate of consciousness (NCC).
LiteraturWe display articles pertaining to the issues we cover in the class on the course's webpage.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesSince we are all experts on consciousness, we expect active participation and discussions!