876-0301-00L  Policy-Making in Practice

SemesterHerbstsemester 2022
DozierendeT. Bernauer, D. N. Bresch, T. Schmidt
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876-0301-00 GPolicy-Making in Practice46s Std.
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T. Bernauer, D. N. Bresch, T. Schmidt


KurzbeschreibungEffective management of risks and uncertainty as well as communication of scientific evidence to stakeholders and policy-makers are essential for successful policy-advice and policy-making. Hence, this module conveys the fundamentals of risk analysis/management and of writing for policy-makers. Besides an academic perspective, it features practitioners working at the technology-policy interface.
LernzielRisk Analysis and Risk Management:
Participants understand (1) the role risk and uncertainty play in decision-​ and policy-​making, (2) common approaches to risk management, (3) how to apply methods of quantitative risk analysis, (4) how to communicate risk information clearly and effectively.
Writing for Policy-Makers:
Participants understand (1) particular prerequisites for successful dissemination of scientific results to policy-​makers and the wider public, (2) expectations and needs of different target groups and audiences, (3) how to effectively write policy briefs for stakeholders and policy-​makers.
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PrüfendeT. Bernauer, D. N. Bresch, T. Schmidt
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