101-0167-01L  Fibre Composite Materials in Structural Engineering

SemesterHerbstsemester 2022
DozierendeM. Motavalli
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101-0167-01 GFibre Composite Materials in Structural Engineering2 Std.
Mi15:45-17:30HIL E 7 »
M. Motavalli


Kurzbeschreibung1) Lamina and Laminate Theory
2) FRP Manufacturing and Testing Methods
3) Design and Application of Externally Bonded Reinforcement to Concrete, Timber, and metallic Structures
4) FRP Reinforced Concrete, All FRP Structures
5) Measurement Techniques and Structural Health Monitoring
LernzielAt the end of the course, you shall be able to

1) Design advanced FRP composites for your structures,

2) To consult owners and clients with necessray testing and SHM techniques for FRP structures,

3) Continue your education as a phd student in this field.
InhaltFibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites are increasingly being used in civil infrastructure applications, such as reinforcing rods, tendons and FRP profiles as well as wraps for seismic upgrading of columns and repair of deteriorated structures. The objective of this course is on one hand to provide new generation of engineering students with an overall awareness of the application and design of FRP reinforcing materials for internal and external strengthening (repair) of reinforced concrete structures. The FRP strengthening of other structures such as metallic and timber will also be shortly discussed. On the other hand the course will provide guidance to students seeking additional information on the topic. Many practical cases will be presented analysed and discussed. An ongoing structural health monitoring of these new materials is necessary to ensure that the structures are performing as planned, and that the safety and integrity of structures is not compromised. The course outlines some of the primary considerations to keep in mind when designing and utilizing structural health monitoring technologies. During the course, students will have the opportunity to design FRP strengthened concrete beams and columns, apply the FRP by themselves, and finally test their samples up to failure.
SkriptPower Point Presentations available online at Link
Literatur1) Eckold G., Design and Manufacture of Composite Structures, ISBN 1 85573 051 0, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, England, 1994

2) Lawrence C. Bank, Composites for Construction: Structural Design with FRP Materials, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN-13: 978-0471-68126-7

3) fib bulletin 19, Externally applied FRP reinforcement for concrete structures, technical report, 2019

4) SIA166 (2004) Klebebewehrungen (Externally bonded reinforcement). Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein SIA.
Voraussetzungen / Besonderes1) Laboratory Tours and Demonstrations: Empa Structural Engineering Laboratory including FRP Composites, Shape Memory Alloys, Timber Elements, Large Scale Testing of Structural Components
2) Working with Composite Materials in the Laboratory (application, testing, etc)


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PrüfendeM. Motavalli
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Prüfungsmodusmündlich 30 Minuten
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The midterm exams will only be taken into account if both written midterm exams during semester are attended and if they improve the grade of the final exam (30% midterm exams; 70% final exam). The maximum grade of 6 can also be achieved by sitting the final oral examination only.
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