101-0388-00L  Planning of Underground Space

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2022
DozierendeA. Cornaro
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung

KurzbeschreibungUrban underground space is the undiscovered or underutilised asset that can help shape the cities of the future. Planning the urban subsurface calls for multi disciplinary professionals to work together in shaping a new urban tissue beneath our cities. The need to plan the third dimension in the subsurface is critical in making our cities future proof, resilient and sustainable.
LernzielGain an appreciation and knowledge of what lies beneath our feet and what an asset the underground is for our cities. The need to plan this asset is more complex than on the surface, as it is invisible and in parts impenentrable. We look at methods and tools to gain an understanding of the subsurface and what issues and challenges are involved in planning it.
InhaltWeekly lectures on various topics involving cities and the subsurface:
•Major aspects of urban development
•The Subsurface as the final frontier
•Historical approaches to underground space development
•Urban sustainability aspects
•Modelling and mapping the underground
•Policy building and urban planning
•Design and architecture -creating a new urban tissue
•Constructability of underground spaces
•Future cities -resilient cities
•Governance and legal challenges
•Investment aspects and value capture
•Future proofing our infrastructure
•Best practice of underground space use
•Excursion to underground facility (if possible)
•Guest speakers on relevant topics
Skript•Presentation slides
•Book: Underground Spaces Unveiled: Planning and Creating the Cities of the Future, ICE Publishing, 2018, Admiraal, H., Cornaro, A., ISBN 978-0-7277-6145-3
•Numerous additional relevant book excerpts and articles, as well as relevant videos
•Material from guest presenters
•See also link "learning materials"
Literaturvarious articles and books will be recommended during the course

please see also weblinks "learning materials"