101-0194-00L  Seismic Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Buildings

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2022
DozierendeA. Tsiavos
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101-0194-00 GSeismic Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Buildings1 Std.
Di/115:45-17:30HIL D 10.2 »
A. Tsiavos


KurzbeschreibungThe aim of this course is to present the state of the art of the current procedures for seismic evaluation and retrofitting of existing buildings in Switzerland (Norm SIA 269/8) and worldwide. Emphasis will be given on the practical application of these procedures in real buildings located in Switzerland, through case studies presented by experts in the field.
LernzielA large percentage of the existing building inventory worldwide has been constructed before the introduction of the current seismic code provisions. The seismic deficiencies observed in many of these structures are a direct outcome of their non-compliance with these provisions and the established engineering practices in seismic design. Moreover, the unavoidable material deterioration in these structures could further inhibit their seismic performance. Therefore, the knowledge of the current procedures and common practices for the seismic evaluation and retrofitting of buildings is of paramount importance. This course presents an overview of these procedures through a wide spectrum of applied case studies in Switzerland and worldwide. The students will work on a project related to the presented case studies, thus obtaining deep understanding on the application of these procedures and a feeling on how to engineer practical retrofitting strategies towards the seismic upgrading of existing buildings.
Inhalt1. Introduction to seismic hazard and seismic performance objectives.
2. Common structural deficiencies and observed damage patterns in buildings due to strong earthquake ground motion excitation.
3. Seismic evaluation of buildings in Switzerland using Norm SIA 269/8: Presentation of the code in steps and discussion of the critical issues.
4. Seismic retrofitting of buildings in Switzerland using Norm SIA 269/8: Presentation of the code in steps and discussion of the critical issues.
5. Application of seismic evaluation using SIA 269/8 on an existing building in Switzerland.
6. Application of seismic retrofitting using SIA 269/8 on an existing building in Switzerland.
7. Seismic evaluation methodologies worldwide: State of the art. Presentation of illustrative examples.
8. Introduction to Yield Point Spectra and the Constant Yield Displacement Evaluation (CYDE) method.
9. Seismic retrofitting strategies worldwide: State of the art. Presentation of illustrative examples.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe attendance of the course Existing Structures (Erhaltung von Tragwerken-101-0129-00L) and the participation in the course Seismic Design of Structures I (101-0188-00L) in parallel with this course are highly recommended.


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PrüfendeA. Tsiavos
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Zusatzinformation zum PrüfungsmodusEach student will self-select a project based on his or her preference from a set of existing ETH-owned buildings or other existing buildings elsewhere. She/he will work on this project alone. The student will submit a written project description (about 3 pages) during Week 3 and receive feedback before the beginning of Week 4 lecture. Each student will then prepare a short written report (about 20 pages) to outline the seismic deficiencies of the selected structure, propose possible retrofit measures and justify these measures in the SIA 269/8 or another framework. The student will submit the report in Week 7 and present a short (no longer than 15 minutes) presentation of their work in class. The assessment of the performance of each student (pass or fail) will be announced on week 8 of the semester. In case a student fails the course, she/he will be given one month (end of Week 12 of the semester) to correct and resubmit the report without re-enrollment in the course. This report will be evaluated to determine the final assessment of the performance of the student (pass or fail).


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