751-6003-00L  Training Course in Research Groups (Large)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2021
LecturersS. M. Bernal Ulloa, S. Neuenschwander, H. Pausch, M. Saenz de Juano Ribes, S. E. Ulbrich
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThe students will learn the conceptual and methodological background of research in the animal science groups of the Institute of Plant, Animal and Agroecosystem Science. In addition to teaching the theoretical background, the major aim of the course is to integrate the students into the research groups (on job training) and, hence, to focus on the practical application of the knowledge.
Objective- Introduction into the conceptual and methodological basis of research
- Integration of the students into the research groups (on job training)
- Application of the gained knowledge
ContentThe students will be integrated into the research groups’ day-to-day work and will thus deal with all aspects of scientific work. This comprises the planning (conceptually and logistically), execution (data collection, laboratory analyses) and evaluation (statistics, data presentation) of experiments as well as the basics of scientific writing (aim: later publication, Master thesis). The research topics and the range of methodologies vary between the animal science research groups in the Institute of Plant, Animal and Agroecosystem Sciences.
Lecture notesNone
LiteratureSpecific readings after enlisting in a particular research group.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe number of training slots in the various groups is limited. It is therefore highly recommended to contact the group leaders early enough (first come first serve).
The full integration in a research group often means to work on weekends.
The total time budget is equivalent to about 180 hours. Active participation in group meetings (discussion, presentation) and short written reports about the work conducted are required for the 6 credit points. There are no grades, it is only pass or fail.