529-0011-02L  General Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2021
LecturersA. Togni
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman


529-0011-02 VAllgemeine Chemie I (AC)2 hrs
Tue07:45-09:30HCI G 3 »
A. Togni
529-0011-02 UAllgemeine Chemie I (AC)
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1 hrs
Mon07:45-08:30HCI D 2 »
07:45-08:30HCI H 2.1 »
07:45-08:30HCI H 8.1 »
07:45-08:30HCI J 8 »
07:45-08:30HIT F 31.2 »
07:45-08:30HIT H 42 »
09:45-10:30HCI D 4 »
09:45-10:30HCI F 2 »
09:45-10:30HIL C 10.2 »
09:45-10:30HIT F 31.2 »
09:45-10:30HIT H 42 »
Fri10:45-11:30HCI H 8.1 »
A. Togni

Catalogue data

AbstractIntroduction to the chemistry of ionic equilibria: Acids and bases, redox reactions, formation of coordination complexes and precipitation reactions
ObjectiveUnderstanding and describing ionic equilibria from both a qualitative and a quantitative perspective
ContentChemical equilibrium and equilibrium constants, mono- and polyprotic acids and bases in aqueous solution, calculation of equilibrium concentrations, acidity functions, Lewis acids, acids in non-aqueous solvents, redox reactions and equilibria, Galvanic cells, electrode potentials, Nernst equation, coordination chemistry, stepwise formation of metal complexes, solubility
Lecture notesCopies of the course slides as well as other documents will be provided as pdf files via the moodle platform.
LiteratureC. E. Housecroft & E. C. Constable: Chemistry, An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall / Pearson, 2010, ISBN 978-0-273-71545-0

Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a two-semester course together with 529-0012-02L General Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) II (next semester)
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(Examination block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Biochemistry - Chemical Biology 2020 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering 2006; Version 27.03.2018 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering 2018; Version 26.09.2022 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemistry 2005; Version 27.03.2018 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemistry 2018; Version 26.09.2022 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Interdisciplinary Sciences 2010; Version 27.03.2018 (Examination Block)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Interdisciplinary Sciences 2018; Version 12.07.2022 (Examination Block)
ECTS credits7 credits
Performance assessment as a semester course (other programmes)
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersA. Togni
Typesession examination
Language of examinationGerman
RepetitionThe performance assessment is offered every session. Repetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Mode of examinationwritten 60 minutes
Written aidsTaschenrechner und Periodensystem
Keine elektronische Kommunikationsmittel
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529-0011-02 UAllgemeine Chemie I (AC)
Mon07:45-08:30HIT H 42 »
Mon07:45-08:30HCI D 2 »
Mon07:45-08:30HCI H 2.1 »
Mon07:45-08:30HCI H 8.1 »
Mon07:45-08:30HCI J 8 »
Mon09:45-10:30HCI D 4 »
Mon09:45-10:30HCI F 2 »
Mon09:45-10:30HIT F 31.2 »
Mon09:45-10:30HIT H 42 »
Fri10:45-11:30HCI H 8.1 »
only for  Interdisciplinary Sciences (Phys. Chem.) BSc (531000)

not for  Chemistry BSc (529000)
Chemical Engineering BSc (530000)
Interdisciplinary Sciences (Biochem. Phys.) BSc (531100)
Biochemistry - Chemical Biology BSc (534000)
Mon07:45-08:30HIT F 31.2 »
Mon09:45-10:30HIL C 10.2 »


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