636-0550-00L  Biomolecular Nanotechnology

SemesterAutumn Semester 2021
LecturersM. Nash
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


636-0550-00 VBiomolecular Nanotechnology
Wednesdays 08.00-10.00 Campus Rosental 1095, Conference room E00.012
ATTENTION: This lecture will start on Wednesday, Sept. 29
2 hrsM. Nash
636-0550-00 UBiomolecular Nanotechnology
Thursday, 08.00-09.00 Campus Rosental 1060, Seminar room 2.14
ATTENTION: The first tutorial will take place on Thursday, Sept. 30
1 hrsM. Nash

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AbstractBiomolecular nanotechnology is a broad field that focuses on the study and science of biological materials including DNA, RNA and proteins at length scales below 10 nm. This is a broad overview of the topic with a focus on current research themes.
ObjectiveThe objective is to familiarise the students with a broad range of topics related to biotechnology, nanotechnology, and biophysics with a focus on current research and reading of scientific literature.
ContentIntroduction to biomacromolecules; Measurement techniques for characterisation of biomacromolecules; Fundamentals of molecular recognition; Recombinant DNA; Protein engineering; Directed evolution; Protein folding; Polymers; Elastin-like polypeptides; Intelligent materials; Spatially localized hydrogels; Mechanical properties of proteins and macromolecules; Single-molecule force spectroscopy
LiteratureRepresentative literature:
(1) Alberts, Molecular Biology (Ch.2 Cellular chemistry).
(2) Ratner, Biomaterials Science (Ch. 2.3, 2.4 Polymers & hydrogels).
(3) Walsh, Protein Biochemistry, (Ch. 2, Protein Structure).
(4) Nath et. al. Analytical chemistry, 74(3): 504-509, 2002.
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(13) Dietz, H., et al. PNAS 103 (5): 1244–47, 2006.

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