102-0455-01L  Groundwater I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2021
LecturersJ. Jimenez-Martinez, M. Willmann
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


102-0455-01 GGroundwater I
Excercises on Wednesdays, lecture on Fridays.
3 hrs
Wed/2w16:15-18:00CHN F 46 »
Fri09:45-11:30HIL E 8 »
J. Jimenez-Martinez, M. Willmann

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AbstractThe course provides a quantitative introduction to groundwater flow and contaminant transport.
ObjectiveUnderstanding of the basic concepts on groundwater flow and contaminant transport processes. Formulation and solving of practical problems.
ContentProperties of porous and fractured media, Darcy’s law, flow equation, stream functions, interpretation of pumping tests, transport processes, transport equation, analytical solutions for transport, numerical methods: finite differences method, aquifers remediation, case studies.
Lecture notesScript and collection of problems available
LiteratureJ. Bear, Hydraulics of Groundwater, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979
K. de Ridder, Untersuchung und Anwendung von Pumpversuchen, Verl. R. Müller, Köln, 1970
P.A. Domenico, F.W. Schwartz, Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, J. Wilson & Sons, New York, 1990
R.A. Freeze, J.A. Cherry, Groundwater, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey, 1979
W. Kinzelbach, R. Rausch, Grundwassermodellierung, Gebrüder Bornträger, Stuttgart, 1995

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In examination block forBachelor's Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering 2010; Version 07.03.2018 (Examination Block 3)
ECTS credits4 credits
ExaminersJ. Jimenez-Martinez, M. Willmann
Typesession examination
Language of examinationEnglish
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Mode of examinationwritten 120 minutes
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Environmental Engineering BachelorExamination Block 3OInformation
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