151-0740-00L  Metal Additive Manufacturing – Fundamentals and Process Technology

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
DozierendeM. Bambach, L. Deillon, A. K. Eissing
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung

KurzbeschreibungThis lecture gives an introduction to the fundamentals and process technology of additive manufacturing processes with a focus on metals. The principles and technologies of laser powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition as well as sintering processes will be introduced.
LernzielThe students will learn
- the physics of the most important metal additive manufacturing processes including the interaction of energy sources (laser, electron beams, arc/plasma) and metals, the phenomena occurring during melting and solidification, the generation of stresses and defects
- the capabilities and limits of these processes
- the digital aspects of the process chains including preparation of geometries, slicing, hatching etc. including assessment of printability of a design
- working principles of machines, equipment and technology
- basics of sensors and process control
- post processing steps and interaction with AM material
- future trends in metal AM

1. Introduction / motivation

2. From fusion welding to AM (Basics of fusion welding, moving heat sources, melt pool dynamics, solidification of weld beads, part properties)

3. Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing (Process technology, Digital process chain: Slicing and process definition, Overlapping weld beads, Sensors and control, materials for WAAM)

4. Laser-based metal additive manufacturing I – Basics of laser technology (Laser principles, Gaussian beams and beam quality, Inteaction laser-material / laser-plasma)

5. Laser-based metal additive manufacturing II – Laser powder bed fusion (Process technology, digital process chain, parameters and properties, support structures, process control, applications & trends)

6. Laser-based metal additive manufacturing III – Laser-based directed Energy deposition (Process technology, digital process chain, Sensors & control, materials, applications & trends)

7. Electron beam based AM (Process technology, b. Interaction electron beams – matter, sensors & control, materials, applications & trends)

8. Binder Jetting / Sintering based AM (Process technology, Sinter theory, compensation of shrinkage, applications)

9. Post-processing (removal of supports, hot isostatic pressing, Machining / Finishing)

10. Materials for AM (Alloy systems for AM, Production and quality of powder, Computational materials design)

11. Future trends (Multi-material AM, Hybrid AM processes, ...)
SkriptThe lecture slides will be distributed.
LiteraturA list of references be given in the lecture.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesWerkstoffe und Fertigung or a similar course