052-1128-21L  Architectural Design V-IX: Stadtpark Katzenbach. Shaping a New Peri-Urban Park in Zurich Nord

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersC. Girot
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
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AbstractThe Landscape Architecture Studio of Prof. Christophe Girot will design a new peri-urban park on the Katzenbach plain. The park will provide the inhabitants of Affoltern and Seebach with a new vision of public space that exploits the infrastructure, ecological value, and the productive landscape unique to the peri-urban area of Zürich Nord.
ObjectiveWe will work on the Katzensee area and its Hinterland (a protected nature reserve) and the space in between Affoltern and Seebach along the 7km long Katzenbach, Zurich’s longest open stream. The site borders a dynamic urban area which has been transformed from a pastoral landscape of scattered farmsteads into the city’s largest growing residential district with a projected population growth rate of over 17% until at least 2038. Affoltern has yet to transform any of the areas zoned for public space into significant public parks.
When viewing the remaining ‘space in-between’ Affoltern and Seebach from the perspective of the open space, recasting sprawling settlements as urban islands within a larger territory, the area holds significant value as a potential site for Zurich’s first large-scale urban park. This raises the question: what can we do as designers to give this area a structure that can hold over time and improve the quality of living at the northern edge of the city?

The FS 2021 Design Studio will focus on large-scale urban landscape design through digital point cloud modeling. During the semester, students will acquire skills in point cloud technology, digital 3D modeling and visualization techniques.

The goal of the studio is to develop a peri-urban park along the Katzenbach between Affoltern and Seebach. Students will work with microtopography and the topology of water to restructure the plain into a patchwork of public programs.

The design will follow a three-scales approach: urban design (large scale), park design (medium scale) and detail design (small scale).
ContentThe studio is structured into three phases and includes multiple site visits.

In the first part of the semester, students will focus on the urban design scale in the area between Affoltern and Seebach. After an introduction, a site visit will give the students a better understanding of the area. They will analyze the periphery of Affoltern and Seebach, identify and structure areas for public space along the urban edges and envision a landscape park using the Katzenbach as a strategic backbone to connect the urban context of Glattpark with the rural setting of the Katzenseen.
In this phase, students will also attend guest lectures on urban design and park design. A one-day design charrette with experts will help to build basic knowledge of the peri-urban area and to create the first urban park sketches.

This phase will be dedicated to the focus area, namely the perimeter of the new public park. At this landscape scale, they will focus on the topology of water, microtopography and propose a program appropriate for the park.
Furthermore, they will be introduced to key tools such as 3D scanning and point cloud technology to generate topographies for 3D modeling.

In the final part of the semester, students will focus on further defining the social aspects of the park area through detail design. By applying modeling and visualization techniques, they will illustrate the recreational activities and opportunities for social gathering of their detail area.
Lecture notesA course booklet will be provided at the introduction.
LiteratureA course booklet will be provided at the introduction. Furthermore, a semester apparat will be available to the students at the ILA Library.
Prerequisites / Notice- Introduction: Tuesday 23.02.2021, 10:00h
- The studio space is ETH Hönggerberg HIL C40.1 (we will work via Zoom)
- The design will be developed in groups of two, with individual assignments
- Language of instruction is English; Assistance in English or German
- The studio includes "Integrierte Disziplin Planung (Ch.Girot)", 3 ETCS credits