061-0152-21L  Seminar Week Spring Semester 2021

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersG. Vogt
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for Landscape Architecture MSc.
Enrollment is required until 12.3.21. Further information see course description.

AbstractAlong five walks we explore the city vegetation of Basel and built connections to the conditions of the surrounding landscape. Obtaining a panoptical view of the “nature of the city” is the goal of intensive study of the territory.
ObjectiveIn addition to a comprehensive insight into the vegetation of the city of Basel, the students receive an introduction to the method of walking as a way of exploring the urban landscape from a pedestrian perspective.
ContentFive walks lead us through the territory of the city of Basel. The tri-national area (Germany, Switzerland, France) with its exceptional geological, topographical, hydrological and climatic situation has a specific and diverse vegetation. We discover this diversity on the walks in the Petite Camargue, on the Tüllinger Hügel, during the crossing of the Jura and in the parks within the city.

The walks are led by proven experts. In conversations, Sonja Hassold (biologist), Günther Vogt (landscape architect) and Markus Ritter (ecologist) explain the relationships between the vegetation found and the conditions of the landscape. In doing so, references are made to the political, social and economic influencing factors that regulate the development of the landscape and significantly influence its shape.

The program is contextualized by dealing with the topic of walking science. Markus Ritter introduces the theory and method of promenadology in evening lectures, seminars and reading sessions, focusing on the person of Lucius Burckhardt (sociologist, 1925 - 2003).
Lecture notesThe reader will be given at the introductory course.
LiteratureAll relevant literature is included in the reader.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe seminar weeks FS21 are not taking place (Corona).
In order to receive the 2 ECTS, enrollment by 12.3.21 is required. Select the director of studies, Prof. Maarten Delbeke, as lecturer.

The weekly schedule is included in the reader.

The costs for the seminar trip range between 251.- and 500.- (cost framework B). Included are: All overnight stays (including breakfast), a dinner together, transfers from the hotel to the excursions, reader and all costs for admission to museums.

The course is aimed exclusively at students of the master's program in landscape architecture.