052-0706-00L  Landscape Architecture II

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersC. Girot
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThe lecture series gives an introduction to the field of contemporary landscape architecture. The course
provides a perspective on forthcoming landscape architecture in terms of the aspects site, soil, water and
ObjectiveOverview to contemporary and forthcoming tasks of landscape architecture. A critical reflection of the
present design practice and discussion of new approaches in landscape architecture.
ContentThe lecture series "Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture" (Landscape Architecure
II) follows the lecture series "History and Theory of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture"
(Landscape Architecure I). Rather than concentrating only on questions of style, the series will also tackle
issues such as revitalisation, sustainability etc. The lectures review design approaches that critically
reflect our inherited perception of nature. The themes of site, soil, water and vegetation provide some
useful aspects for the design practice.
Lecture notesNo script. Handouts and learning material will be provided.
LiteratureA reading list will be provided for the exams.
Prerequisites / NoticeGeneral Information for the final exam:

Bachelor students: The content of the lectures as well as texts and exam-relevant literature provided by the Chair make up the basis for preparing for the exam. The lecture series is conceived as a yearlong course. Since the written session examination tests knowledge from both semesters. It is necessary to attend the lectures throughout the course of the year.
The test themes will be announced at the end of the semester. The Chair will provide literature and texts available for download as pdfs. These allow a more in-depth understanding of the lecture material.

Transfer students or students of other departments: Students attending one semester may opt to take only the oral end-of-semester examination. Test-relevant literature will also be made available for download for this purpose. The students are requested to get in touch by email with the Chair.