701-1001-00L  Professional Internship

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersA. Funk
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for Environmental Sciences MSc.
Completion and enrollment for the course «Professional Internship” is only possible after admission requirements and all additional requirements are fulfilled.

AbstractIn the compulsory internship outside of ETH, the students in Environmental Sciences learn about how environmental issues are handled professionally through their own practical work and by applying the knowledge they have acquired. They will analyse complex environmental problems on scientific, technical and social levels and develop solutions in conjunction with social actors.
ObjectiveDuring the internship, students will learn how to professionally handle environmental issues from the technical-scientific, planning, administrative, and/or advisory perspective through their own practical experiences. They should apply the knowledge acquired from their studies. Furthermore, students will deepen their understanding in terms of development and implementation of environmental-friendly solutions in an everyday work-routine. Through this experience, they will develop important professional competence. Moreover, the internship will show them possible professional fields and establish valuable contacts for starting their careers in the future.
ContentThe professional internship is a compulsory part of the Master’s degree programme and requires that each student complete 18 weeks outside of ETH Zurich. It can be completed in Switzerland or abroad. The students choose the position of the internship themselves. The position needs to fulfil the aims and requirements of the compulsory internship.

Job positions for environmental scientists are available in the following areas: environmental consulting firms, engineering and planning offices, clean-tech companies, industrial and service companies, federal administration, administration of cantons and municipalities, organisations and associations as well as companies operating in education, higher education, and media in relation to environmental and sustainable themes. Generally, the internship is performed outside the realm of the university.
Lecture notesDetailed instructions and templates on the compulsory internship can be found at www.usys.ethz.ch/en/studies/environmental-sciences/master/internship.html, further a register with companies offering internships in Switzerland (mostly in German) and an overview of current and completed internships at https://www.intranet.usys.ethz.ch/UMNW/berufspraxis (Nethz-login required)
LiteratureApplication guide ETH Career Center Link
Prerequisites / NoticeThe students look for a placement themselves. In order for an internship to be recognised as compulsory professional internship, an internship agreement must be approved in advance by the Internship Coordinator.

Further information and support at www.usys.ethz.ch/en/studies/environmental-sciences/master/internship.html