051-0126-00L  Architecture VI

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersP. Ursprung
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for Architecture BSc, Programme Regulations 2011.

AbstractHistory of Art and Architecture since the 1970s
ObjectiveKnowledge of the history of art and architecture since the 1970s. Sensibility for historical processes and for the concepts in the realm of visual culture.
ContentThe two-semester course offers an introduction to the history of modern and contemporary art and architecture since ca. 1970. Motivated by questions of the current discourse, central topics and exemplary works of art and architecture are discussed. Concepts such as "labor", "economy", "experience", "research", "nature", "diversity" or "surface" are used to focus on specific historical developments and connections. Art and architecture is considered as a field of cultural change as well as an indicator of social, economic, and political conflicts which in turn helps to understand historical dynamics.
Lecture notesA video documentation of the lecture class is available.
LiteratureRequired reading will be announced in the class and on the website of the chair.