701-0364-00L  Flora and Vegetation of the Alps

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersA. Widmer
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentZur dieser Vorlesung gehört eine 4-tägige Exkursion (max. 24 Plätze) nach Davos. Für eine Teilnahme an der Exkursion muss die Lehrveranstaltung «Böden und Vegetation der Alpen» (Nr. 701-0362-00) separat belegt werden.

AbstractThis course provides an introduction to the flora and vegetation of the Alps. This includes the climatic conditions at different elevations, the origin of Alpine plants, centers of diversity, ecological requirements and adaptations to prevailing environmental conditions, as well as characteristic plant communities at different altitudes and soil types.
ObjectiveThe students
- understand how climatic and edaphic factors affect the occurrence and distribution of alpine plants
- know characteristic plant species of the subalpine and alpine elevational belts in the Alps
- are familiar with characteristic plant communities on acidic, basic and ultramafic soils in the subalpine and alpine elevational belts.
ContentClimatic conditions at different elevations in the Alps; origin and distribution patterns; centers of diversity; ecological requirements and adaptations to prevailing environmental conditions; altitudinal belts; characteristic plant communities on different bedrock (dolomite, acidic and basic silicates, serpentine).
Lecture notesCourse material will be provided.
LiteratureLandolt E. 2003: Unsere Alpenflora. 7.Aufl., SAC-Verlag.
Prerequisites / NoticeSolid background in systematic botany and successful participation in the course "Systematic Biology: Plants" (Nr. 701-0360-00). It is further recommended that students have also participated in the block course "Plant Diversity" (Nr. 701-2314-00L), or alternatively the two courses "Plant Diversity: Colline/Montane" (701-0314-00L) and "Plant Diversity: Subalpine/Alpine" (701-0314-01L).

To this lecture belongs the course "Soils and Vegetation of the Alps" (No. 701-0362-00) which currently includes three excursion days in the Davos region. The course is expected to take place between July 12 and 17, 2021. More detailed information will follow at the beginning of the spring semester 2021. Program changes and adjustments due to the corona situation are possible and will be communicated promptly.

Please note that this course will be taught in German.