402-0533-00L  Quantum Acoustics and Optomechanics

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
DozierendeY. Chu
Periodizität2-jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
LehrveranstaltungFindet dieses Semester nicht statt.

KurzbeschreibungThis course gives an introduction to the interaction of mechanical motion with electromagnetic fields in the quantum regime. There are parallels between the quantum descriptions of mechanical resonators, electrical circuits, and light, but each system also has its own unique properties. We will explore how interfacing them can be useful for technological applications and fundamental science.
LernzielThe goal of this course is provide the introductory knowledge necessary to understand current research in quantum acoustics and optomechanics. As part of this goal, we will also cover some related aspects of acoustics, quantum optics, and circuit/cavity quantum electrodynamics.
InhaltThe focus of this course will be on the properties of and interactions between mechanical and electromagnetic systems in the context of quantum information and technologies. We will only briefly touch upon precision measurement and sensing with optomechanics since it is the topic of another course (227-0653-00L). Some topics that will be covered are:
- Mechanical motion and acoustics in solid state materials
- Quantum description of motion, electrical circuits, and light.
- Different models for quantum interactions: optomechanical, Jaynes-Cummings, etc.
- Mechanisms for mechanical coupling to electromagnetic fields: piezoelectricity, electrostriction, radiation pressure, etc.
- Coherent interactions vs. dissipative processes: phenomenon and applications in different regimes.
- State-of the art electromechanical and optomechanical systems.
SkriptNotes will be provided for each lecture.
LiteraturParts of books and research papers will be used.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesBasic knowledge of quantum mechanics would be highly useful.