066-0420-00L  Indoor Environment, Resources and Safety

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
DozierendeA. Frangi, T. Larsen, S. M. Schoenwald
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarMIBS: This course must be taken in the first year of coursework.


066-0420-00 GIndoor Environment, Resources and Safety
No lecture on 22.3. (seminar week).
3 Std.
Mo12:45-15:30HIT J 51 »
A. Frangi, T. Larsen, S. M. Schoenwald


KurzbeschreibungPrinciples of Building Acoustics, Water and Fire safety
LernzielBuilding Acoustics
- Fundamentals of sound: Sound waves, Sound sources and free field sound propagation, Sound descriptors and sound levels
- Sound fields in rooms: Reflection and absorption at boundaries, Diffuse sound fields (reverberation time), Room modes
- Airborne sound transmission through building elements I: Homogenous structures: Monolithic elements, Double leaf elements (walls, windows, ), Linings, toppings and additional layers
- Airborne sound transmission through building elements II: Assembled (lightweight) structures: Double leaf framed elements
- Impact sound transmission through building elements: Impact sources, Floor elements and floor toppings, Introduction structure-borne sound and vibration
- Sound transmission in buildings I: Composite elements, Flanking sound transmission I: Concept of flanking, Monolithic buildings
- Sound transmission in buildings II: Flanking sound transmission II: Lightweight framed buildings, Outline prediction methods, Noise from building systems and installations
- Measurement, Descriptors and Regulations: Standardized measurement techniques and protocols

- Urban water management: The importance of water in an urban context and the interaction with households; climate change & urban water; water-sensitive urban design; urban planning and infrastructure performance
- Blue-green infrastructure in buildings: Physical processes of blue-green systems and their influence on environmental benefits; design considerations of blue-green systems for buildings, especially bio-retention basins and green roofs
- Challenges for water and wastewater management: Local and global drivers (water scarcity, sanitation crisis, planetary boundaries, dead zones, circular economy) and their influence on drinking water & wastewater management in Switzerland
- Innovative building technology for water management: New paradigms; source separation; innovative handling of water and wastewater in buildings; new technologies; system design

Fire and Safety
- Fire safety objectives and regulations
- Fire safety concepts and measures
- Fire statistics
- Human behavior and escape
- Structural fire safety
- Technical fire safety
- Organizational fire safety
- Risk and probabilistic
- Economy of fire safety measures


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ECTS Kreditpunkte3 KP
PrüfendeA. Frangi, T. Larsen, S. M. Schoenwald
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ZulassungsbedingungMIBS: This course must be taken in the first year of coursework.
Prüfungsmodusschriftlich 120 Minuten
Hilfsmittel schriftlichSelf-written summary (10 pages A4); Calculator; NO database capable devices, organizers, tablets, laptops, or similar. NO existing old exam documents or questions.
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