551-1700-00L  Introduction to Flow Cytometry

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
DozierendeJ. Kisielow, L. Tortola, weitere Dozierende
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551-1700-00 VIntroduction to Flow Cytometry1 Std.
Di08:45-09:30HPL D 32 »
J. Kisielow, L. Tortola, weitere Dozierende


KurzbeschreibungThe lecture provides an introduction to flow cytometry. We will cover the technology basics, experimental design, data acquisition and analysis of flow and mass cytometry. In addition, various research applications will be discussed. The format is a lecture course enriched by a visit to the ETH Flow Cytometry Core Facility and practical demonstration of the use of analysis and sorting instruments.
LernzielThe goal of this course is to provide the basic knowledge of flow and mass cytometry required for planning and execution of cytometric experiments.
InhaltThe lecture course aims at teaching principles of flow cytometry. The emphasis is on theoretical principles (signal detection, fluorochromes, signal spill-over and compensation) as well as practical aspects of experimental design and performance (sample preparation, controls, data acquisition and analysis).
List of topics:
- Principles of Flow Cytometry
- Signal processing
- Compensation and Controls
- Data analysis, gating and presentation
- Panel design
- Sorting
- Mass cytometry
- High-dimensional data analysis
- Practical demonstration (hardware and software)
Modern flow cytometric techniques for immunophenotyping, analysis of proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis and cell signalling will be introduced.
SkriptUpdated handouts will be provided during the class.
LiteraturCurrent literature references on immunophenotyping, analysis of proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis and cell signalling will be discussed during the lectures.


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