327-2137-00L  Scattering Techniques for Material Characterization

SemesterHerbstsemester 2020
DozierendeT. Weber, A. Sologubenko
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarAll enrolled students are initially placed on the “waiting list” until the registration deadline. In the case of more than 12 applicants, the students will be selected by the lecturers before the start of the lecture according to the priority criteria: master students before doctoral students, Material Science students before students of other departments.

Information zur Leistungskontrolle (gültig bis die Lerneinheit neu gelesen wird)
Leistungskontrolle als Semesterkurs
ECTS Kreditpunkte3 KP
PrüfendeT. Weber, A. Sologubenko
RepetitionDie Leistungskontrolle wird in jeder Session angeboten. Die Repetition ist ohne erneute Belegung der Lerneinheit möglich.
Prüfungsmodusmündlich 30 Minuten
Zusatzinformation zum PrüfungsmodusEach student must participate in at least
- three practicals done in group and
- three corresponding oral presentations by the end of the semester.
The “3 practicals + 3 presentations” are compulsory and must be passed on its own, but will not be graded.

A bonus of up to 0.25 points can be earned by each student by successfully completing quizzes through the Moodle web-page of the course. To gain this bonus, one has to collect at least 50% of the possible points until the end of the semester. Completing the quizzes is not mandatory, but recommended.
Diese Angaben können noch zu Semesterbeginn aktualisiert werden; verbindlich sind die Angaben auf dem Prüfungsplan.