227-0085-06L  Projects & Seminars: Neural Network on Low Power FPGA: A Pratical Approach

SemesterAutumn Semester 2020
LecturersL. Benini
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
CourseDoes not take place this semester.
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentOnly for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology BSc.

The course unit can only be taken once. Repeated enrollment in a later semester is not creditable.

AbstractThe category of "Laboratory Courses, Projects, Seminars" includes courses and laboratories in various formats designed to impart practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, these classes encourage independent experimentation and design, allow for explorative learning and teach the methodology of project work.
ObjectiveArtifical Intelligence and in particular neural networks are inspired by biological systems, such as the human brain. Through the combination of powerful computing resources and novel architectures for neurons, neural networks have achieved state-of-the-art results in many domains such as computer vision. FPGAs are one of the most powerful platform to implement neural networks as they can handle different algorithms in computing, logic, and memory resources in the same device. Faster performance comparing to competitive implementations as the user can hardcore operations into the hardware. This course will give to the student the basis of Machine Learning to understand how they work and how they can be trained and giving hand-on experiences with the training tools such as Keras. Moreover the course will focus in deploy algorithms in low power FPGA such as the Lattice sensAI platform to have energy efficient running algorithms. The course will provide to the students the tools and know-how to implement neural netwok on an FPGA, and the student will challenge theirself in a 5 weeks piratical project that they will present at the end of the course. Experience in FPGA programming is desirable but not mandatory.

The course will be taught in English.