376-1985-00L  Trauma Biomechanics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2020
LecturersK.‑U. Schmitt, M. H. Muser
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractTrauma biomechanics in an interdisciplinary research field investigating the biomechanics of injuries and related subjects such as prevention. The lecture provides an introduction to the basic principles of trauma biomechanics.
ObjectiveIntroduction to the basic principles of trauma biomechanics.
ContentThis lecture serves as an introduction to the field of trauma biomechanics. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of impact biomechanics, which uses the combination of fundamental engineering principles and advanced medical technologies to develop injury prevention measures. Topics include: accident statistics and accident reconstruction, biomechanical response of the human to impact loading, injury mechanisms and injury criteria, test methods (including crash tests), computer simulations, aspects of vehicle safety. Real world examples mainly from automobile safety are used to augment lecture material.
Lecture notesHandouts will be made available.
LiteratureSchmitt K-U, et al. "Trauma Biomechanics - An Introduction to Injury Biomechanics", Springer Publ.