851-0242-01L  Coping with Psychosocial Demands of Teaching (EW4)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2020
LecturersP. Greutmann, S. Maurer, S. Peteranderl
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentEnrolment possible with Teaching Diploma matriculation, except for students of Sport Teaching Diploma, who complete the sport-specific course unit EW4.

AbstractStudents learn and practice techniques and skills for coping with psychosocial demands of teaching.
ObjectiveStudents possess theoretical knowledge and practical competences to be able to cope with the psychosocial demands of teaching.
(1) They know the basic rules of negotiation and conflict management (e.g., mediation) and can apply them in the school context (e.g., in conversations with parents).
(2) They can apply diverse techniques of classroom management (e.g., prevention of disciplinary problems in the classroom) and know relevant authorities for further information (e.g., legal conditions; crisis intervention).
(3) They know stress coping strategies to prevent burnout (e.g., psychosocial support) and are familiar with relevant institutions.
ContentMajor themes:
- counseling and counseling techniques
- conflict management and mediation
- classroom management
- supporting students in a psychological crisis
- preventing stress and burnout

Forms of learning
Theoretical foundations will be taught in workshops which contain different means of activation and interaction such as group work, panel discussions, and individual work. Subsequently, this knowledge will be transfered and applied in different school-relevant situations by means of role plays, discussing of cases and video sequences, as well as reflections of practical experiences.
Lecture notesSlides of the lectureres`presentations, supplementary materials, and materials for further reading are made available on Moodle.
LiteratureVerschiedenen Grundlagen- und Anwendungstexte werden den Studierenden zur Verfügung gestellt.
Prerequisites / NoticeDer erfolgreiche Abschluss von EW1 und EW2 stellt eine wünschenswerte, jedoch nicht obligatorische Voraussetzung dar.