401-0675-00L  Statistical and Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers

SemesterAutumn Semester 2020
LecturersR. Käppeli, P. Müller, C.‑J. Shih, M. Sokolov
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


401-0675-00 VStatistical and Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers2 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00CHN E 46 »
R. Käppeli, P. Müller
401-0675-00 UStatistical and Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers26s hrs
Tue07:45-09:30HCI G 174 »
07:45-09:30HCI G 274 »
C.‑J. Shih, M. Sokolov

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AbstractThis course covers common numerical algorithms and statistical methods used by chemical engineers to solve typical problems arising in industrial and research practice.
ObjectiveThis course covers common numerical algorithms and statistical methods used by chemical engineers to solve typical problems arising in industrial and research practice. The focus is on application of these algorithms to real world problems, while the underlying mathematical principles are also explained. The MATLAB environment is adopted to integrate computation, visualization and programming.
ContentTopics covered:

Part I: Numerical Methods:
- Interpolation & Numerical Calculus
- Non-linear Equations
- Ordinary Differential Equations
- Partial Differential Equations
- Linear and Non-linear Least Squares

Part II: Statistical Methods:
- Data analysis and regression methods
- Statistical experimental design
- Multivariate analysis of spectra
Lecture notesFor the numerics part, see Link

For the statistics part, see Link
LiteratureRecommended reading:
1) U. Ascher and C. Greif, A First Course in Numerical Methods, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2011
2) K. J. Beers, Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering : Applications in MATLAB, Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
3) W. H. Press, S. A. Teukolsky, W. T. Vetterling, B. P. Flannery, Numerical Recipes, Cambridge University Press
4) W. A. Stahel, Statistische Datenanalyse, Vieweg, 4th edition 2002

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In examination block forBachelor's Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering 2006; Version 27.03.2018 (Examination Block Reaction Eng. and Modelling)
Bachelor's Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering 2018; Version 26.09.2022 (Examination Block III)
ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersR. Käppeli, P. Müller
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