551-1304-00L  Biochemistry

SemesterSpring Semester 2020
LecturersU. K. Genick, W. Kovacs, M. Peter
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for Health Sciences and Technology BSc and Human Medicine BSc.

AbstractThe course introduces students to the central facts and concepts of biochemistry and covers topics ranging from the structure, physicochemical properties and function of biomolecules; enzymes and their function; human metabolism and its regulation to signal transduction and motor proteins.
ObjectiveThe detailed learning goals of the course can be viewed on the course's Moodle page.
Lecture notesThere is no traditional script for this course. Instead the course is supported by a Moodle page through which students have access to all necessary texts, exercises, videos and activities.
LiteratureThe essential course material will be available on the course's Moodle Page in the form of scripts and lesson handouts.
The course does not have an "official" textbook, but students may find a general reference book on the topic interesting. For this purpose, the text "Löffler/Petrides Biochemie und Pathobiochemie" ISBN 978-3-642-17971-6 may be interesting.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course builds on the content of the courses "Chemie für Mediziner", "Pharmakologie für Mediziner" and "Molekulare Genetik und Zellbiologie".