853-0102-00L  Defense Economics II

SemesterAutumn Semester 2019
LecturersM. M. Keupp
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractIn terms of structure and content, the event follows the lecturer's book "Militärökonomie" (Military Economics), which is available in two language versions:

- German language: ISBN 978-3-658-06146-3
- French-speaking: ISBN 978-3-658-25287-8
Objective* Understanding the impact of institutional design on the effectiveness and efficiency of military performance
* Analyse possibilities and limits of system reforms
ContentThe semester program of the course is divided into 14 modules of 90 minutes each, which combine lecture (teaching of analytical techniques) and exercise (application by means of concrete case studies).

The contents correspond to sections 3 to 5 of the above book. The following will be discussed:

3.1 The military conflict as an objective selection environment
3.2 Consequences of the planned economy system for military effectiveness

4.1 Possibilities and limits of efficiency improvements
4.2 Consequences of the planned economy system for military efficiency

5. possibilities and limits of system reforms
Lecture notesLecture slides are given to the participants before the first lecture. In addition, the above mentioned book will be handed over to the participants. Participants of the lecture who are not professional officer candidates are requested to obtain the book from the library or bookstore.
LiteratureKeupp, M. M. 2019 Militärökonomie. Wiesbaden: SpringerGabler.
ISBN 978-3-658-06146-3

Keupp, M. M. 2019 Économie militaire. Wiesbaden: SpringerGabler.
ISBN 978-3-658-25287-8
Prerequisites / NoticeExam "Military Business Administration I" passed successfully or profound basic knowledge of business administration and economics with a focus on institutional economics. The course is open to external participants.