851-0101-74L  Sustainable Development - Bridging Art and Science

SemesterHerbstsemester 2019
DozierendeA. Rom, L. B. Nilsen
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851-0101-74 GSustainable Development - Bridging Art and Science20s Std.
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A. Rom, L. B. Nilsen


KurzbeschreibungIn this course students deepen their knowledge about international development and sustainability issues and discourses through watching and critically reflecting on movies. We will show four movies each of them on a separate topic related to sustainable development and discuss them with researchers and relevant stakeholders from the broader society.
Lernziel• Students get a broad understanding of some of the most important issues and discussions related to sustainable development.
• Students get exposed to diverse realities of young people in developing countries
• Students can critically reflect upon the information that is presented to them in the movies and relate it to the broader discussions around sustainable development.
• Students reflect on issues concerning communicating research and the realities of low-income settings to a wider public.
InhaltThis course exposes students to critical issues of the sustainable development including challenges related to environmental, health, economic and social factors. Students will view films and participate in debates and critique them. Students will explore issues concerning communicating research and realities of low-income settings to the public, dealing with bias and polarization, and the role that the media and films play in that regard.


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PrüfendeA. Rom, L. B. Nilsen
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