401-6217-00L  Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part II)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2019
LecturersM. Mächler
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


401-6217-00 GUsing R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part II)14s hrs
Tue/213:15-15:00CAB G 11 »
M. Mächler

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AbstractThe course provides the second part an introduction to the statistical software R for scientists. Topics are data generation and selection, graphical functions, important statistical functions, types of objects, models, programming and writing functions.
Note: This part builds on "Using R... (Part I)", but can be taken independently if the basics of R are already known.
ObjectiveThe students will be able to use the software R efficiently for data analysis, graphics and simple programming
ContentThe course provides the second part of an introduction to the statistical software R (Link) for scientists. R is free software that contains a huge collection of functions with focus on statistics and graphics. If one wants to use R one has to learn the programming language R - on very rudimentary level. The course aims to facilitate this by providing a basic introduction to R.

Part II of the course builds on part I and covers the following additional topics:
- Elements of the R language: control structures (if, else, loops), lists, overview of R objects, attributes of R objects;
- More on R functions;
- Applying functions to elements of vectors, matrices and lists;
- Object oriented programming with R: classes and methods;
- Tayloring R: options
- Extending basic R: packages

The course focuses on practical work at the computer. We will make use of the graphical user interface RStudio: Link
Lecture notesAn Introduction to R. Link
Prerequisites / NoticeBasic knowledge of R equivalent to "Using R .. (part 1)" ( = 401-6215-00L ) is a prerequisite for this course.

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