701-1244-00L  Aerosols II: Applications in Environment and Technology

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2019
DozierendeJ. Slowik, U. Baltensperger, M. Gysel Beer
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung

KurzbeschreibungMajor topics: Important sources and sinks of atmospheric aerosols and their importance for men and environment. Particle emissions from combustion systems, means to reduce emissions like particle filters.
LernzielProfound knowledge about aerosols in the atmosphere and applications of aerosols in technology
InhaltAtmospheric aerosols:
important sources and sinks, wet and dry deposition, chemical composition, importance for men and environment, interaction with the gas phase, influence on climate.
Technical aerosols:
combustion aerosols, techniques to reduce emissions, application of aerosols in technology
SkriptInformation is distributed during the lectures
Literatur- Colbeck I. (ed.) Physical and Chemical Properties of Aerosols, Blackie Academic & Professional, London, 1998.
- Seinfeld, J.H., and S.N. Pandis, Atmospheric chemistry and physics, John Wiley, New York, (1998).