542-0002-00L  Module II: Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2019
DozierendeR. Schibli
Periodizität2-jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
LehrveranstaltungFindet dieses Semester nicht statt.
KommentarOnly for CAS in Radiopharmazeutischer Chemie, Radiopharmacy.

The enrolment is done by the CAS study administration.

KurzbeschreibungThis postgraduate certificate course consists of three 2-week-modules and enables natural scientists to assume responsibility for the small-batch production and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.

Module II: Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
6 x 4hours of laboratory practice in different locations (PSI, ETH Hönggerberg)
Lernziel• Introduction to radiopharmacy and physics
• Radionuclide production
• Generator systems
• In vitro- and in vivo-characterization of radiolabelled peptides and antibodies
• The chemistry of Tc and Re
• Kits and pitfalls
• Radiopharmaceutical chemistry with halogen isotopes
• 18F- and 11C-radiolabelled pharmaceuticals
• Chemistry of radiometals other than Tc and Re
• Animal and in vitro models
• Practical sessions:
• Radiolabelling and quality control of antibodies
• Mo/Tc-generator and use of kits including quality control and preclinical application
• Ge/Ga-generator and 68Ga-radiolabelling of peptides including quality control/video cell labelling
• Insight into the routine manufacturing of clinical PET radiopharmaceuticals
• 11C- and 18F- radiolabelling for research
• In vitro/preclinical characterization of PET radiopharmaceuticals