529-0739-10L  Biological Chemistry A: Technologies for Directed Evolution of Enzymes

SemesterHerbstsemester 2018
DozierendeP. A. Kast, D. Hilvert
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarAdvanced laboratory course or internship depending on lab course Biological Chemistry B

Candidates must inquire with P. Kast no later than September 1st whether course will take place (no self-enrollment)

Further information to registration and work hours: Link

Information zur Leistungskontrolle (gültig bis die Lerneinheit neu gelesen wird)
Leistungskontrolle als Semesterkurs
ECTS Kreditpunkte13 KP
PrüfendeP. A. Kast
Formunbenotete Semesterleistung
RepetitionRepetition nur nach erneuter Belegung der Lerneinheit möglich.
Zusatzinformation zum PrüfungsmodusCredit points can only be earned if the candidate (i) takes active part in the entire program, (ii) gives an oral presentation on achieved results, and (iii) turns in a final report that is accepted.
Furthermore, each participant's performance will be assessed with regard to (1) effort/participation/presentation, (2) skills or acquisition of skills, and (3) quality of the report to determine whether the class is passed. Additional information will be provided at the beginning of the course.